Master of Arts in Design and Development of Digital Games

This program will prepare you to design, develop, implement and evaluate digital games for learning and behavior change in formal and informal educational settings.

Requirements in the Major Area (15 points)

  • MSTU 4031: Object-Oriented Theory and Programming I (3 points) and
    MSTU 5031: Object-Oriented Theory and Programming II (3 points)


    MSTU 5003: Theory and Programming: Interactive Media I (3 points) and
    MSTU 5013: Theory and Programming: Interactive Media II (3 points)

  • MSTU 4039: Video Games in Education (3 points)
  • MSTU 5015: Research/Programming in Serious Games (3 points)
  • MSTU 6000: Advanced Designing of Educational Games (3 points)

Required Core Courses
(10 points)

  • MSTU 4000: Core Seminar (1 point)
  • MSTU 4020: Social and Communicative Aspects of ICTs (3 points)


    MSTU 4005: Equity, Ethics and Social Issues (3 points)

  • MSTU 4088: Introduction to Educational Technology & the Learning Sciences (3 points)
  • MSTU 4083: Instructional Design of Educational Technology (3 points)

Breadth Requirement
(7 points)

All students must complete a minimum of three courses, each for at least two credits, at Teachers College and outside the Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program (courses with a prefix other than MSTU).

Required Integrative Project

The Integrative M.A. Project can be either an individual project or part of a larger project involving several students. It should reflect your career goals and provide evidence of your skills and strengths.

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